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Find a Jawa dealer close to you

Find a Jawa Dealer Close To You Click Here to find a Jawa dealer in your city or in your nearest city. What i can see in dealers map below, it It Is coming to you just sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Jawa is back and Check Jawa42

Jawa is back and Check Jawa42 Is here with some fun having specifications for those old and new Jawa lovers. I found myself one of them though i never ride Jawa in my entire life, for me it was only top see my father riding it in 90`s and i thought how cool it look, how smooth it may be feeling. i used to sit behind my father.

Tesla Electric Cybertruck

Elon Musk’s  car company presented its long-awaited Electric pickup truck, and they are calling ‘Cybertruck’.  Elon Musk  unveiled the “Cybertruck,” on Thursday, an electric pickup truck, Its design look and feel ensured it would certainly stand out on the road but it did not quite go as planned during demonstration or I should say showoff,  window breakdown, what I through should not because they were trying to show off its toughness. I am not sure why it went that way but i hope Tesla must be knowing and alredy working to fix them (From this moment, rest of the presentation went with the cracked windows “Cybertruck”).