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Are you a victim of click bait and fake news?

Here's something I want to share with you all. Yesterday, I went to the supermarket and started to get the things that were on my short list, and when I was lining up to pay, between taking the money and storing my phone, a $100 note I had to pay fell on the floor, and the man who was in front of me finishing paying his purchases slowly bent down and picked up my note. I held out my hand, waiting for him to give me back my money, while preparing to thank him for the gesture. But suddenly, what he told me was shocking. "What's on the floor belongs to whoever finds it!" And just like that, he left ... naturally, as if he hadn't done anything wrong. I looked at the lady behind me and the people next to me and they all looked at me in shock and disbelief, whispering things between them. For a moment there, I was trying to evaluate myself. I wanted to do justice on my own ... I left my purchases, because I had no way to pay (I had forgotten to bring my card), and wen