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Skill Labourers Registration (For Contractors / Employers)

This online application allows the contractor to apply the entry pass to Meghalaya for a group of workers for a particular work. The contractor will have to submit the online form along with his/her work licence for verification, after successfully applied the contractor can add the list of migrants (Skilled/Highly Skilled workers) for verification and approval by the district administration for the entry pass to Meghalaya. from National Government Services Portal

Inquiry of Complaints Against Acts

Factories - Inquiry of Complaints Against Acts being Enforced by the Departments- Periodical Working Conditions of the Factory Status from National Government Services Portal

Integrated Human Resource Management System

This portal caters to the requirements of the employee and pensioners. Using this portal with authorized login, the employee can see the pay slips, leave ledger, GPF ledger, GIS ledger and pensioner can see the e-PPO. The employee can apply for leave, GPF Advance online too. from National Government Services Portal

Employment Arunachal

Department of Labour & Employment, Arunachal offers an Employment Bank that serves as an interactive platform among three parties namely the "job-seekers", the "employers" and the "placement agencies" to enable online enrolment of job-seekers, employers and educational institutions. Job-seekers can search for suitable employment as per their qualification, & institutions can help deserving candidates apply for jobs suiting their skill sets and qualifications.... from National Government Services Portal